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A well-balanced red wine with gorgeous fruit, soft tannins and a long finish. This is one of the highly complete Cabernet, which is rare in Calabria, carefully created by serragiumenta.

It goes well with main dishes such as beef and pork, and can be combined with cheese after meals.




厳選された酵母、8日間、22°Cの温度にて浸軟が行われます ステンレスタンクの熟成の後、



ティレニア海とイオニア海の2つの海に挟まれ、美しい海岸線と山の両方に恵まれた カラブリア州は、エリオロカンダのオーナーエリオオルサーラ氏の故郷でもあります。 過ごしやすい気候を求めイタリア国内でも人気のあるバカンス地域としても知られて おり、その穏やかな気候は作物や畜産にも最適なため、カラブリア産にはトマト、 オリーブ、ワイン、チーズ、豚の加工食品などの特産品があり、紀元前2千年頃から の技術や伝統が現在まで受け継がれています。

Calabria region

Calabria region lies between the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Ionia Sea. It also has both seasides and mountains. And Calabria is the home of Elio Orsara, the owner of Elio Locanda. It is popular as a vacation spot with a pleasant climate, which is, moreover, so suitable for agriculture and stock breeding that tomatoes, olives, wine, and cheese are famous as special products there. People there have inherited the skills and traditions from around 2000 B.C.



セラジュメンタは南イタリア、カラブリア州、コセンツァ県のアルトモンテ市に位置しています。 所有する600ヘクタールほどの農場が、ポリーノ山塊からピアーナ・ディ・シバリとイオニア海に続く丘の上に置かれています。 ブドウ園と何世紀も古いオリーブ畑、果樹園、農場と農家が 豊富な地域です。主にエキストラバージン有機 オリーブオイルと土着品種を使った赤と白ワインを生産しています。また、羊とカラブリアの有名な黒豚を飼育し、最高品質のチーズとサラミを生産。そして、ジャムと野菜の瓶詰保存食品を自社で作っています。

Serragiumenta is located in the city of Altomonte in the province of Cosenza, Gabria, southern Italy. About 600 hectares of farms are owned on a hill leading from the Polino Massif to Piana di Sibari and the Ionian Sea. The area is rich in vineyards and centuries-old olive groves, orchards, farms and farmhouses. We mainly produce red and white wines using extra virgin organic olive oil and indigenous varieties. We also raise the famous black pigs of sheep and Gabria to produce the highest quality cheese and salami. And we make our own bottled preserved foods of jam and vegetables.

セラジュメンタの歴史-History of serragiumenta

セラジュメンタ城は、16世紀に現在の南イタリア・カラブリア州のアルトモンテ市で、第10代 サンセヴェリーノ・P・アントニオ伯爵によって建造されました。その後はセラジュメンタ城を中心にサンセヴェリーノ一族によって統治され、広大な土地を利用した馬の飼育によって栄えました。18世紀当時の地図からは、バロック様式の祭壇を備えた教会や、馬の飼育小屋など当時の生活を偲ぶ歴史が見られます。 1947年に、セラジュメンタ城と周辺の土地を取得したフェデリコ・ビロッティによって、城は居住できる環境に改築され、農地の整備も行われました。完全に修復されたセラジュメンタ城は、現在も当時の姿をそのまま残しています。 セラジュメンタ農園は、シーバリ平野の端に位置し、ポッリーノ山脈へと続く丘に面しており、その半分はただ牧草が生い茂る土地でした。また電気も水道もなく、人と動物が兼用で井戸を使い、また道路も存在せず人と馬だけが通れる未舗装の共同道路が使われていました。農業経営者でもあったビロッティは、10年に及ぶ農地の整備に着手し、土地の整備、仕事の管理、人材の雇用と居住環境の整備など、農園としての総合的な発展を遂げます。そして教会や学校なども併設され、近代的な総合農園へと変容していきました。

The Castle of Serragiumenta was built in the 16th century in what is now the city of Altomonte, Calabria, southern Italy, by the 10th Count of San Severino P. Antonio. After that, it was ruled by the San Severino clan around the castle of Serajumenta, and prospered by breeding horses on the vast land. From the map of the 18th century, you can see the history of life at that time, such as a church with a Baroque altar and a horse breeding hut. In 1947, Federico Bilotti, who acquired the castle of Serajumenta and the surrounding land, rebuilt the castle into a habitable environment and improved the farmland. The completely restored Serajumenta Castle still retains its original appearance. The Serragiuumenta plantation is located on the edge of the Sibari plain, facing the hills leading to the Pollino Mountains, half of which was just overgrown. In addition, there was no electricity or water, and a well was used for both humans and animals, and there was no road, and an unpaved common road was used where only humans and horses could pass. Bilotti, who was also a farmer, embarked on 10 years of farmland development, and achieved comprehensive development as a farm, including land maintenance, work management, employment of human resources and improvement of living environment. A church and a school were also added, and it was transformed into a modern general farm.



The origin in Europe “From the land where the wine was invented”
In the southern Italian region of Calabria wine production and grape cultivation have a very long history, that lasts more than 2800 years and dates up to the before Christ era, when they were introduced here by the ancient Greeks. At the time this land was called Enotria, that means “land of wine”, and represents the starting point of the wine culture in Europe.
Among the many Italian grape varieties, Calabrian grapes are distinguished by their outstanding characteristics, and the varieties of Mantonico and Magliocco, typical South Italian Wines, are well known all over the world.

おいしいイタリア料理を食べたいと思う方をみんなカラブリアにお連れしたいと思っている。天才料理人で あるおばあさんのDNAをしっかり受継ぎファンタジーとインスピレーションで素材を組み合わせるセンスは 天下一品。今年の南イタリアの旅でもホンモノのイタリアを探してきました。

He wishes to bring to Calabria all the people who want to eat good Italian cuisine. He inherited the DNA from his grandmother who was an outstanding chef and has an excellent sense for combining ingredients through fantasy and inspiration. During his journey in South Italy he searched for real Italian product this year too.